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Site Change

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Site Change

Post  Admin on Sat Jul 17, 2010 5:09 am

we going to check all ads today,and will delete all ads that have
negative credit also frame breakers.
From today,all new ads must wait for admin approval. We must check your ads first. And it must have at
least 50 credit for approval.

If you need more credit for your
ads,please go to our store and buy it.
we also have some awesome
special price at our store,please check it.

make free traffic to your site..It must be better than cash.
today we set it to 5 : 4 , 10
bonus 250 link credit every 500 pages surf



paid to sign up offers increased to $0.05 per offer.
auto approval will set to 15 days.It means that you must deny or
approve it before day 15 .It because the others member need to earn
money for competed an offers.

rule for members
get 5 deny =

rules for advertisers
offers must FREE to
join .advertisers must deny with good reasons, and it must be False /
uncompleted sign up.


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